Growth Strategy & Mission

BWise’s corporate goal is to become the number one provider of GRC solutions in the world, and the GRC solution of choice for leading companies. The BWise platform enables our clients to significantly improve business performance, manage risks and ensure compliance. Our mission is predicated on the principles of product and operational excellence, unparalleled implementation and consulting strength and clear ROI within four quarters.

In order to make this mission a reality, BWise intends to do the following:

Capitalize on Competitive Advantage

BWise is a Governance, Risk Management and Compliance solutions provider. Unlike many of its competitors, that provide specific solutions and products that cover only a finite assortment of compliance needs, BWise is the only solution provider in the industry that has embedded rich process management features into its broad GRC product platform.

BWise offers world-class implementation services and support, as well as seamless integration with leading technology solutions,  due to the interoperatebility of the software and high recruitment requirements of  BWise staff. This has placed BWise in a strong competitive position.

Solidify and Expand on Geographic Footprint

The market for GRC software is global in nature. With a larger, direct sales force and a deep local network of partners in strategic segments, BWise is in the prime position to expand its geographic presence, and become a dominant player in the U.S. and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Expand Industry Coverage

BWise has strongly penetrated the financial services, industrial, public and utilities sectors. In addition to deepening its presence in these industries, BWise plans to broaden its focus by targetting large, highly regulated markets such as retail, life sciences, and telecommunications and high tech.