Message from the CTO

“BWise believes in a world where an enterprise operates with optimal effectiveness. It’s our mission to enable our customers to achieve this. How we do this is described in the following statement:”

A Transparent World

We believe in a business world where there is one version of the truth, and where all employees have the right information to perform their tasks, where all stakeholders participate proactively in gathering and analyzing information that potentially impacts the organization financially, reputational or otherwise.

We believe that organizations with cross-silo processes and monitoring will outperform other organizations in the long term. We believe that thinking in integrated business processes will stimulate cross-silo actions, while balancing opportunities and risks.

We believe that employees want to work in an organization that is ambitious and focuses on improving performance, while balancing the financial results with their social and environmental responsibility.

We believe that customers want to do business with organizations that have a solid reputation built on trust and transparency, with a focus on quality improvement while assuring and respecting legislators.

We believe that professionally implemented technology helps to further improve and mature organizations to become better and more sustainable companies to buy from, sell to or work for.

We believe we can help organizations achieve their strategic objectives faster and with a risk appetite that is clearly understood by all stakeholders, supporting them on their GRC Journey to achieve more transparency by providing superior technology and best in class services.

We are BWise, leaders in Governance Risk and Compliance.

Luc Brandts, Chief Technology Officer, BWise