BWise 5.0

Because GRC is already hard enough...

Nasdaq introduces BWise 5.0, the newest version of its Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) software platform that builds upon proven technology and a new user interface. 

We have been working with user interaction experts and incorporated our end users’ feedback to ensure maximum 
usability and an intuitive feel.

BWise 5.0 brings together some of the strongest GRC features on the market with advanced connectivity capabilities and an improved user experience. BWise consolidates all GRC-related information into one platform and makes it directly actionable at the user’s fingertips. BWise 5.0 also includes a number of additional improved functionalities such as a transport mechanism to migrate packaged configuration changes between BWise environments to lower deployment risk and time, enhanced input validation increasing data quality and user-friendliness and redlining capabilities for text comparison. 

Because GRC is already hard enough, BWise 5.0 has been designed to support GRC professionals in their critical mission better than ever before. 

To learn more about BWise 5.0, please watch our webinar recordings:

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