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BWise Blog Launch!: Our DNA, your expectations and much more!

September 29, 2015 by
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In the time of ever changing technology, new features and new products that still need to breakthrough from the 'early adopter phase' like Twitter, iPads and Segways; we cannot pose as innovative without throwing ourselves at the mercy of readers through direct interaction with our users, future customers and others interested.

"In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment"
- Charles Darwin -


Recently I moved and last month I was invited to a neighborhood barbeque - a tradition very common in the Netherlands especially with the increasingly hotter weather in my country over the past period and the euphoric state of all inhabitants for reaching the World cup finals. It is a newly built neighborhood and the event was therefore focused around getting to know each other a bit better. Since I travel a lot for my work, I quickly found out people referred to me as the 'guy' that was never around which peaked a lot of neighbors in showing an interest in what it is that I do:

“So tell us, what is it that you do?”, “I'm a product manager for a software company”, is my usual response. “Interesting, what kind of products do you 'manage' ?” is their response - and that is where I get stuck. While the terminology surrounding Governance, Risk and Compliance - in short GRC - says a lot to people familiar to that particular market, I unknowingly turn to endless monologue trying to explain one difficult sounding concept after the other when explaining it to those that are not.

To quickly turn it around, I make it more personal and start to, very vibrantly explain what it is that I do more from a functional perspective (leaving out the markets impacts and terminology) to effectively dodge a 'classroom speech' and loose my neighbors interest. Finally ending up realizing that I have the most exciting job in the world: GRC and technology to me is what a F-16 fighter jet and flying it is to its pilot. A constant rush of excitement, exposure and adaptation to new developments!


If you'd ever get the opportunity to talk to any of my colleagues, I would be surprised if you would not get the same sense of enthusiasm about their jobs. BWise consists of a team of highly motivated, skilled and enthusiastic people that are all excited about what they do and embrace new environments, customers, countries and challenges. While evolving and walking in parallel to our customers, we constantly see the domain of GRC change through laws and regulations, best practices and renewed insights. On a daily basis we get new challenges and new requirements from current and future customers that put us in the driver's seat of where GRC technology is headed and on the verse of current possibilities.

Although I'm new in my neighborhood, BWise is not. We've been around there many years and have had the opportunities to see GRC get born and reach the mature stages it is currently in. In a sense we have grown organically together with the market of GRC and during the past decade BWise has in some ways even helped shape the GRC technology sector. We have 'adapted' to our environment and continue to do so. The deep understanding of the market and our broad experiences in it, make that innovation, technology and a practical approach to GRC has become part of our DNA.

Reaching out to You!

Today, next to our existing whitepapers, publications, customer summits, round-tables and other ways of reaching out, we present to you our blog. It is a new way to communicate to you. We will be publishing new experiences, market development, business cases and make product announcements. More importantly, we want to allow people to share their experiences and together with us try to spread the word to others, give more insights into the BWise organization and team, and allow group discussions. If there are any subjects on which you would like to get more information, want us to write about or want to get some personal insights, please feel free to contact us. We will use these requests so that all that are interested can benefit from it. Spar with us about product requirements, future developments, market changes, literally anything and we will pay serious attention to it here on our blog.

The GRC market is too broad for us to do it alone and we want your help!

You'll be hearing a lot more from us: next in line is a series of articles on Data Analytics for GRC!

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