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Increasing demand for broad functional coverage and intuitive user interfaces

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC ) use cases are becoming more advanced. In the past, the GRC team was relatively small and used spreadsheets or tools intended for expert users. Now, there is often a central team that manages the GRC processes and the supporting tool, while there can be thousands of input providers across the enterprise. These users are not GRC experts, so they require a supporting software solution that is much easier to use and understand. Also, the GRC output is presented to regulators, auditors, executives and directors of the board. Naturally, this change in user base and attention puts pressure on software providers to improve usability. 

In parallel, as demands on the GRC team grow, more long-term strategies for the GRC processes are being developed. Speaking with GRC managers, I often hear that BWise needs to be able to support several different use cases. Essentially, BWise needs to protect the investments that our customers make when BWise is implemented. So how can we live up to these new requirements for simplification and improved user experience, and long-term value?

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BWise innovates in response to new demands
Fortunately, the strategy that we are employing at BWise fully supports this need for a user friendly interface and broad functionality. Over the last year, backed by Nasdaq funding, we have doubled the staff working in core development functions. We can now improve and expand the BWise platform significantly faster than before. In response to the increasingly non-specialized user base, we continue to improve the usability of our platform. Already last year, we released our portlet technology, providing custom-built screens in the BWise interface. These allow the user to see all data relevant to the specific task at hand in a single window. In addition, we are now working on a completely new user interface, which will further improve the user experience. Similarly, we are broadening our functional coverage. 

We have already released the BWise Information Security solution and we are in the process of developing the BWise Third Party Risk Management solution. This addresses the need to protect our customers’ investments and answers the growing demand for broad functional coverage in the BWise Platform. By upgrading our existing modules and adding new ones, we will have the required functionality when new use cases are added. 

Building to keep your trust
I am very pleased to see these improvements, and I am equally pleased to see the customer response. We have a record high interest in our solutions, and we see a broader distribution of prospective customers. Small or large; Asian, European, or American; single or multi use cases, BWise is becoming the GRC choice for everyone. Thank you for your trust – we are constantly building to maintain that trust. We are building for the future. 

Peter de Verdier, Head of BWise

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