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Get into the flow with BWise 4.1.2

December 23, 2010 by
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BWise 4.1.2 releaseSo, there it is. Our best release ever. A big thank you to the R&D and testing team who worked hard on yet another significant step forward. Rumor on the street was our apparent lack of flexibility in the workflows. And those things really make us go for it. The first option seemingly is to do what everybody else is doing, integrate some workflow engine and state 'anything is possible'. That's not what we did.

Not because we couldn't, but because we don't believe it is the way to go. Because then, it turns out you need to be able to for instance use the organization structures in automated roll-ups. That's not the typical workflow. When integrating a workflow engine, it will lead to creating a workflow structure to perform the roll-up, separate from the organizational models. That leads to inconsistencies, and double the work.

So, the better option is to look at the best-practices, what are the flows you really need, and then integrate the best possible technology. That's what we did. The step we have now taken is very significant, and there is even more to come. In the process, we have significantly overhauled our Assessment and Questionnaire engine to make it much more flexible, user friendly, using the latest web-technology, integrating issue workflows and more.

That's not all. We have added off-line testing capabilities as a first step into full off-line use capabilities. Our updated XML-interface allows us to take any BWise information offline, and synchronize it back in again. Now, with the off-line control testing capabilities, our clients get improved usability. For our audit users, we have added great planning and scheduling capabilities. We have added time registration and reporting capabilities. With this (and some more niceties) our tightly integrated audit is more competitive than ever.

And, we have further improved our process integration, and made our dashboarding capabilities state-of-the-art, and added infinite types of issues and incidents, and added over 250 other customer requests. And, we tested scalability to ridiculous levels of content load and user load, and we successfully OWASP security tested our platform. So, first a few days of rest, to enjoy the business success and the launch of our great new product. Then, in the new year, we're ready to expand! Be ready for it. Discover how your organization can benefit from these innovative capabilities by joining us in one or more of our webinars.

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