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High-speed traveling

September 18, 2012 by
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While on my way back home from a business trip and traveling at 300 kilometers an hour in the French high-speed train, I saw the landscape quickly changing around me. So, when it is time to write a blog, I think it may be good to use traveling at high-speed as an analogy to what we are doing on a daily basis; implementing enterprise Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) solutions.
Implementing GRC is a journey, involving technology and change management. Some people want to implement GRC as if it is an Apple app. Just download it and start to use it. In traveling terms, this is similar to time-travel. Unfortunately, time-travel does not exist yet. Implementing GRC is a journey, but not necessarily a journey like Amundsen experienced on the pole, or Sir Edmund Hillary on the Mount Everest.
When implementing GRC you have two possibilities.

Take the tourist route; you will see all the nice spots, enjoy the lively discussions and your journey will be safe and lead to a happy-ending, provided you have your navigation system with you. Don't leave without it, otherwise you will keep on traveling and never reach your goal. Or secondly, take a fast train that brings you directly where you need to be. You don't see all the details in the landscape and it also doesn't stop right in front of your door, but you get to your destination fast.

If you need the local interactions, take the local route and forget about the fast train. If you need to get there fast, take the bullet train and forget about the scenery. BWise can be your navigation system, helping you to go through all the necessary discussions and make the right decisions. BWise can be your fast train, helping you to get there fast. But remember, BWise cannot be both at the same time. No one can.
I need to stop now, approaching destination. I just love the fast train.

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