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When you work in a large organization, you will have hundreds of thousands of coworkers. Most of them will have at least one computer, laptop and cellphone. You will be using at least a dozen applications, easily totaling to several thousand different applications across the entire organization. These applications will be running in the cloud and in several data centers and it is no surprise that most CIO’s are looking to simplify everything.

Increasing need for IT Risk and Information Security Solutions

In the meantime, the need for IT Risk solutions in general and information security specifically is growing exponentially. With the world becoming ever more IT-dependent and the internet being as global as the world itself, the incentives for hackers increase every day. This is a growing concern of CIO’s and CISO’s (Chief Information Security Officers) and should also be a growing concern for CRO’s (Chief Risk Officers) and CEO’s as well.

There is a clear need for solutions in this area. The trouble is that current solutions for IT Risk Management or IT GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance) are too complex. In short, the complexity of the IT landscape is directly reflected in the IT GRC solutions. As a result, they are difficult to use, difficult to integrate, and difficult to implement.

Information Security made Easy

Now is the time for something completely different. It is time to put the end-user at the forefront and push the complexity to the background. Not by discarding the IT and business complexity, but on the contrary, by only confronting the user with what he or she needs. 

This is exactly what we’ve done and we’re almost ready for launch. When you drive a car, you don’t need to be a mechanic; when you use IT Risk Management software, you no longer need to be an engineer.

Watch the teaser of BWise® Information Security.

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