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New Release of the BWise® GRC Platform

September 29, 2015 by
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Not exactly the first time that we're releasing a new version of our software. And something like Service Pack 6 doesn't particularly sound exciting. So, it might as well feel like "just another release." But then I look at what's in there and think wow. Of course no real surprise because we're always working on our roadmap, talking to customers how to make the next step. But when you then see everything bundled it does create a genuine feeling of excitement.

There are too many new features to list. If you're a customer, please look closely at our release notes, which are available on the customer community. Take your time to go through it, it's a lot. If you need more information, please let us know. We're more than happy to show you what you can do with it. Offline risk assessments, audit setup, workflow enhancements and workflow modeling, web-based process modeling, authorization and security management, data integration and rule management, and especially our new portlet technology, make the list of cool stuff very very long. So why call it something dull like Service Pack 6? Well, because technically, it's building on the same scalable platform, and the upgrade is just a simple straightforward next-next-next.

If you're not yet a customer and looking for something really good in operational risk management, enterprise risk management, audit or compliance management, please contact us. I am sure you'll like it. We've spent a lot of effort on usability. GRC programs are getting more complex, while more and more users just use the system once a year. Training should not be necessary, GRC should be intuitive. As I've said many times before, many users don't like to use a GRC system, they have to, so the only thing we should do is to make it simple to use.

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