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So, scalability . . .

How scalable is your solution really? We get the question quite a bit. Well, it is fair to say that BWise can handle a lot more than any reasonable implementation would ask for, in any global scale. The reason: well, our scalability requirements were driven from the quite interesting Sox-days, and we continuously keep a keen eye on what's out there.
Records in scalability
We keep a record. What is the highest number of controls we see at any company. We don't publish the name of the companies of course. The long standing record for many years was 48.000 controls, which we considered to be quite enormous. Therefore we always tested our software to be able to deal with at least 50,000 controls, and corresponding processes, risks, documents et cetera. And it performs really well.

Then I met this company (not a customer BTW) who had an astonishing 250.000 controls. When you think they actually have some 1,000 standard controls all localized to 250 entities, it is somewhat easier to digest, but still a gigantic number. On my way back from that meeting, I immediately called our testing manager and our R&D manager that I wanted a test with at least 250,000 controls (and all of the rest). Well, they took it seriously: they have tested BWise with not only 250,000 but also with 1,000,000 controls.

Well, if things go crazy, that is the time to take thing serious. I am happy to inform you all BWise copes very well with it. Performance is really good.

So, in short, we are able to deal with outrageously sized implementations. I sincerely hope for all of our current and future clients that this will never have to be implemented. Technically, we are ready for it, but no organization could deal with that number of checks and balances. Be assured, we would bring all of our best practices in to converge efforts, rationalize controls significantly. No worries there; it is not our aim to test this in a real live situation.


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