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With your risks in control, you are ready for take-off to new destinations

November 24, 2015 by
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Last week the French association for risk management, AMRAE, organized their annual conference for Risk Managers in Deauville, France. BWise has been present at this event for many years.

A Journey across the World and the Risks

In total more than 2,000 French risk professionals visit this three-day conference. The theme this year was AMRAE International Airport, proposing to all participants a journey across the world and the Risks. A theme very close to our vision and the GRC journey we offer to our customers.

Being present there for so many years, it is interesting to see how the French GRC market is developing. For example about four years ago, AMRAE and its visitors were mainly focused on insurance risk. Now we see that risk professionals are taking a broader approach to risk management as a result of the globalized business environment companies are operating in. They are looking for ways to establish an enterprise-wide risk management approach to help them to get in control on all key financial and reputational risks.

One Risk Language Company-Wide

The typical question our team at AMRAE was asked: 'How can BWise help us to establish one risk language company-wide?' In the previous year's, visitors were more interested in a tool for just their own department. This year we gave a lot of demonstrations showing the benefits of an integrated approach to GRC for the different departments involved.

BWise has always been a strong believer in an integrated approach to GRC; to manage both financial and operational risks in one integrated system. We believe risk management should support and guide businesses to become a responsible entrepreneur; not to be a hindrance. The statement on our booth at AMRAE this year was "With your risks in control, you are ready for take-off to new destinations."

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