BWise Process Management

The proper governance of any companies requires clear and transparent policies and procedures, to prevent for example fraud. The BWise Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) platform is built on a unique architecture based on a process-based approach. Unlike other process modeling tools, BWise does not force the documentation of all processes in great detail, but rather uses a top-down risk-based approach. Modeling processes where necessary, and staying away from process mapping details where possible.

Integrated approach 

This process-based approach enables clients to integrate all risk management and compliance efforts into one integrated GRC approach. Managing a risk in an integrated fashion, rather than in a silo-based approach. This enables the enterprise to test the effectiveness of measures and controls once, and report many times to the different auditors and external regulators. Rather than "assessing an organization to death."

BWise offers a uniquely integrated content and process documentation management solution, that allows companies to:

  • document business processes, work instructions, policies & procedures
  • communicate all of this via personalized communication portals
  • integrate related business systems and applications
  • verify understanding through advanced training and process-based help


Benefits of using BWise Process Management to manage your policies and procedures include:

  • much enhanced understanding of policies & procedures by providing a process based entry-point to information
  • rapid finding of information by personalization and intelligent search
  • always the latest information by version management and approval workflows  
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