GRC software solution for Leasing Companies

KPMG and BWise have developed a solution specifically for leasing companies. This solution enables Chief Financial Officers and Risk & Compliance Teams to be financially and operationally in control.

BWise GRC software combined with KPMG knowledge and content

Integrating KPMG content into the BWise software enables leasing companies to be in control of funding and cash flow-related risks, waiver management, operational losses and business continuity and to better manage compliance issues such as Basel. The leasing solution offers preconfigured content such as: operational processes, workflows and controls library, an incident database and reporting to various stakeholders.

Feedback from international operating leasing companies

Based on the feedback from international operating leasing companies, we experienced that they are regularly struggling with having one single insight in their processes and related controls and risks. With the ever changing environment an integrated and robust framework that can accommodate new regulations and support central monitoring to avoid unpleasant surprises is very much needed.

Preconfigured content software solution with powerful functionalities

With the leasing solution we provide powerful functionalities based preconfigured content delivered by KPMG for streamlining the specific end-to-end compliance processes at leasing companies. By partnering with KPMG, BWise offers a preconfigured GRC and continuous monitoring technology solution to be financially and operationally in control on funding and cash flow risks and compliance issues.

Providing transparency, cost reduction and more control

The solution supports the entire end-to-end life cycle of lease companies providing transparency, cost reduction and more control and no surprises:

Based on the in-depth knowledge of leasing companies, KPMG configured the BWise GRC and continuous monitoring technology to further streamline the entire end-to-end life cycle with:

  • Preconfigured operational processes and workflows
  • Extensive Risk & Controls library
  • Ready to use KPI dashboards
  • Reports for the various stakeholders

If you have any questions, please contact us or request the webinar recording to learn more about the GRC solution for leasing companies.   

Customer References

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