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The 2016 Institute of Internal Auditors Conference (IIA) will be hosted by Nasdaq at its London office on March 16th 2016. Bringing together over one hundred Heads of Internal Audit, the conference will focus on the following themes:

  • Financial services regulation - current priorities
  • The value of non-executive directors to an organisation and how they work in partnership with internal audit
  • Internal audit maintaining independence and withstanding political pressure
  • Internal audit operating at the strategic level
  • What boards need from internal audit to set and manage culture?
  • Combined assurance, one language, one voice, one view
  • Facing up to cyber threats

Nasdaq understands the importance in protecting and safeguarding a companies invested assets and this is why it invest in BWise to provide software and services to Audit teams all around the world. BWise provides auditors with the ability to operate using one common risk taxonomy and risk language throughout the enterprise. This enables internal audit to speak the same language as its counterparts and to work more efficient and effective.  

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