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Upcoming Webinar - Nasdaq & Deloitte GDPR Webinar

Nasdaq is proud to host a webinar with Deloitte to present the market best practices of GDPR Compliance and to provide a demonstration of the Nasdaq GDPR Compliance Solution.

Join Jan-Jan Lowijs – Senior Manager at Deloitte Privacy Advisory, Anton Lissone – Chief Technology Officer at Nasdaq BWise, and Bram den Boer – Principal Business Analyst at Nasdaq BWise, as they present:

  • What is happening in the market?
    Dive into the positioning of organizations on the privacy maturity ladder.
  • What does this mean for your organization?
    Given the changes the GDPR brings, there is an updated relationship between controller and processor.
  • Why should you care?
    Companies have current meeting obligations, but will also need to gain public trust.
  • How solutions can support your organization?
    Discover the power behind the Nasdaq GDPR Compliance Solution.
  • What's next after GDPR?
    Beyond GDPR, companies will need to consider Regulatory Change Management practices.

Register for our webinar on December 14 at 9AM EST | 3PM CET. 

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