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An overview of the bWise internal audit software solution

Nasdaq BWise hosted a webinar titled, "Another Day in the Life of Ann Green, Head of Internal Audit." The webinar features BWise experts Matt Reeves, Sales Director, and Vanessa Keany, Manager North American Solutions Consulting, as they will take you through "Another Day in the Life of Ann Green" and demonstrate how the BWise® Internal Audit solution support Ann and her team with:

  • Identifying and maintaining the audit universe
  • Scoping entities and audit areas in the audit universe
  • Creating and approving the corporate audit plan
  • Preparing the audit
  • Allocating resources
  • Executing the audit
  • Creating, validating and follow up on findings
  • Creating, validating and approving the final audit report
  • Supporting audit project management

This series of webinars appeals to multiple GRC roles and responsibilities within an enterprise and is also relevant to organizations on a broad GRC Journey. 


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