March 11, 2009

Press Release

Statement from BWise CEO and CTO: “Get Back to Basics with Process Management Based GRC”

Expert Executives Explain How Getting Back to Basics Can Ensure a Sound Organizational Structure; More Critical Than Ever in a Down Economy

New York, NY, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, March 11, 2009 – BWise, a leading provider of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software solutions, today issued the following joint statement from BWise CEO Robert Pijselman and CTO Luc Brandts on the importance of getting back to basics through a process-based approach to effective GRC, particularly in the down economy.

According to CEO Robert Pijselman:
“Despite the fact that most companies are extremely careful with their current investments, we receive new orders from customers who are convinced of the extra benefits of process management. With BWise, it is not only possible to get in control of your risks, but also realize a substantial reduction of compliance and audit costs. BWise sees an increasing interest among multinational companies towards this more efficient and holistic approach. Indeed, this kind of financial transparency and sound risk management are key elements to restoring shareholder value. What’s more, in today’s tenuous market, an effective GRC system based on process management enables a company to have more secure control over growth activities, enabling subsidiary establishment, for example, in a matter of weeks. Likewise, if a company needs to detangle itself, having this level of visibility enables much faster and more efficient results.”

According to BWise CTO and Founder Luc Brandts:
“In times of financial crisis, companies are looking for improvements in efficiency and ways to regain market trust and protect their revenue. Getting back to the basics of understanding the core business and its processes, documenting those and standardizing on them will help companies avoid the kind of volatile results that are too easily incurred during an economic downturn. Companies now realize they can do a better and much more efficient job with GRC by integrating risk management and internal controls. Process management turns out to be the lynchpin between these two systems, which BWise uses as the basic layer for its solution. We give customers the tools to integrate controls and measures related to various regulations and operational risks, in one comprehensive system.” 


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