ROI Calculator

How to use the calculator?
Enter the number of people working on Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) at your company on the left. Also, enter the percentage of their time they spend on GRC. Then, at the bottom left, enter the percentage you believe you can save by streamlining the process. Realistically, this percentage is between 10 and 40%.

Then on the right, do the same for the people that you have hired from external consulting and audit firms. How many external people work at your company on GRC, how much of their time do they spend on GRC, is entered in the box in the middle right. Finally, enter the percentage you may save on making your GRC process more effective and efficient. We have customer saving up to 70%.

Cost savings
On the right you will see your annual savings, both in hidden costs as well as in out-of-pocket costs for external fees.

Extensive ROI calculation
The ROI calculator is the BWise basic ROI calculator. Based on many customer projects, BWise has developed an extensive ROI calculator with over 30 different parameters to drill down into the detail of making a return on GRC investments. Please contact us for a more extensive ROI calculation for your organization.

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