Implementation Methodology

When your enterprise works with BWise Global Professional Services (GPS), your company is on a path to a successful Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution rollout, from the scoping phase, to implementation, to a live system running smoothly. BWise personnel and processes, and our experience implementing the BWise solution in over 80 countries worldwide with several hundred customers, ensures that your business requirements will be realized in the best possible way. We have a partnership-based outcome-driven implementation mentality, always striving for your success.

Diversity in experience

BWise has been making our customers successful for over a decade with project sizes and business complexities ranging from small projects with single-Entity simple implementation requirements, to large-scale complex Tier-one global players with multi national, multi-lingual, multi-domain portfolios. BWise personnel have worked all over the world, with all kinds of industries and nationalities. We know our GPS processes are successful because our customer base tells us: 98% of customers who chose BWise remain BWise customers to this day.

Our GPS team will guide and support you through three key phases:

Vendor Selection

GPS are involved in the sales cycle to properly understand your business, to enable you to explore how we work in detail, and to provide proper handover from the sales cycle to the delivery phase. This includes a detailed scoping session, where the GPS team documents your business requirements, matches these requirements with the BWise solution and we estimate the project scope and cost.

Implementation and Approach

We have developed a specific implementation process and specialized teams to deliver our projects. Each expert team is engaged at precisely the right time in the project to give best-practice guidance, and to also manage the implementation to requirements, budget, and timelines.

Go-live and Beyond

We ensure you are a satisfied customer, using our software to its full potential, through the challenges in the ever changing GRC domain, with knowledge sharing at the critical early stages of going live with the Bwise Solution, and through customer summits, product enhancements, thought leadership guidance and change management. Your success is our success.