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Nasdaq has a history of successfully deploying GRC projects with varying project sizes and business complexities. These range from single-entity implementation requirements to large-scale and complex global projects with multinational, multi-lingual, and multi-domain portfolios. Our global implementation teams utilize their knowledge and proven, repeatable, and tested project management skills to assure engagements are delivered on time and in budget.

We offer three implementation options to line up to your organization’s GRC approach, business and functional requirements, and resources (IT, infrastructure, people): 

  • (1) A spiral implementation approach 
  • (2) Rapid Deployment (best practice based) 
  • (3) BWise Center of Excellence (BCoE)
  1. The spiral methodology is a combination of a waterfall (linear) approach with stage gates and an agile (iterative) prototype based design phase. The methodology is designed to support the implementation of a large scale single GRC solution or to implement multiple GRC solutions within one project.
  2. The Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) are based on pre-configured best practices and provides an efficient, low cost implementation. The RDS configuration is evaluated together with the client to define any gaps that require adjusting the best practices based configuration to match the client’s specific requirements. 
  3. The BWise Center of Excellence (BCoE) empowers the customer’s project team to deliver the project independently, reducing vendor implementation costs. The customer BCoE team is trained and certified to ensure sufficient transfer of knowledge. Team members have access to the BWise Virtual Knowledge Center, an online community of BWise implementation consultants who share a wealth of practical information, and have direct access to BWise’s experts.

All Nasdaq BWise clients run the same software. Clients can always seamlessly upgrade without the loss of data, configurations, authorizations, or workflows. The upgrade process is an automated and guided process, which can take place within hours. This reduces dependencies and ultimately saves money as well as time, regardless of which implementation option is chosen.

For more information how Nasdaq BWise can support your BWise GRC Platform implementations, contact us. 

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RDS Internal Audit

Download the brochure about the Rapid Deployment Solution for Internal Audit.

RDS Internal Control

Download the brochure about the Rapid Deployment Solution for Internal Control.

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