BWise Center of Excellence (BCoE)

A Unique Approach to GRC Implementation: Configure the Solution Yourself!

The BCoE is a unique implementation approach allowing customers maximum independence throughout their GRC Journey.
This implementation approach is suited for mature organizations looking to implement BWise in an independent and cost-effective manner. With a BCoE implementation, the customer project team implements BWise, assisted by Nasdaq BWise application and reporting experts. The key driver of the BCoE methodology is to empower the client’s team of professionals to take responsibility for the configuration of the BWise platform. The team members will be BWise certified and Nasdaq BWise consultants will coach and mentor the team to ensure quality delivery. The extensive training program is identical to the onboarding program used by Nasdaq BWise staff and partners.
An implementation using the BCoE methodology will usually follow four main steps:

1. Training of the client’s implementation team;
2. Technical installation of the BWise GRC platform (by Nasdaq BWise);
3. Definition of the order and planning of the GRC Journey steps;
4. Coaching and mentoring activities.

The Benefits of the BCoE methodology

  • Become independent of vendor resources for implementation activities as well as daily support
  • Implement multiple GRC initiatives in a cost-effective manner
  • Ensure in house resources are available to accommodate changes and expansion of the use of BWise

The BCoE approach can be applied in combination with other implementation methodologies to optimize any implementation and give the team the opportunity to acquire the relevant knowledge and grow into the role.

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