Nasdaq BWise, provides a leading enterprise governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) Platform That Enables Organizations to be in control of all of Their key financial and reputational risks, zoals the risk of non-compliance.

BWise® GRC platform

The BWise® GRC Platform offers multiple role-based solutions-which are seamlessly integrated. This Means That departments across an organization are editable to work from one common risk taxonomy, focused on business objectives and with a common language for internal audit, risk, and compliance. Additionally, the BWise platform makes it easier for companies to identify, understand, measure and manage key organizational risks on a holistic level. For our clients, This Means Increased corporate accountability, improved financial, strategic and operational efficiencies, lower risk profiles and incident costs, and better overall performance.

The platform offers role-based solutions for:

Since all of These solutions are seamlessly integrated, This Means greater transparency for CEOs So They are in control of financial and reputational risks, as well as giving them greater oversight of company-wide risk mitigation and compliance action plans in one integrated system. The CFO, in turn, benefits from thickening increased financial and operational control of cash flow related risks, zoals fraud, operational losses and business continuity. Likewise, BWise enable block the Corporate Secretary to monitor and manage corporate governance and compliance matters, alongwith codes of conduct for the organization.

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