BWise® Compliance&Policy Management Software Solution

Compliance & Policy Management in control with state-of-the-art Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance Software

Support for the end-to-end Compliance & Policy Management process

BWise® Compliance & Policy Management is a software solution that supports the end-to-end compliance process and is part of the BWise integrated Governance, Risk management, and Compliance Platform. The regulatory landscape is continuously evolving and has a broad impact across the organization. In order to manage the constant stream of changes in regulations, BWise helps compliance teams quickly identify company policies and business processes directly impacted by each regulation. Compliance teams can then determine whether to engage business process owners using targeted compliance assessment campaigns and action plans to remediate compliance issues as efficiently and effectively as possible.

A day in the life of Jackie McLaren, Compliance Officer

BWise® Compliance & Policy Management offers the compliance department managed by Jackie McLaren enhanced visibility on internal compliance activities and real-time regulatory alerts from various sources, such as StateScape, ERC Portal, FINRA, UCF and many others. BWise is content independent, meaning BWise can accept information from any relevant regulatory content provider. Compliance experts on Jackie’s team are able to read and understand the compliance information they receive and determine appropriate remediation activities.

BWise® Compliance & Policy Management supports Compliance Teams in:

  • Monitor compliance matters such as Dodd Frank, FCPA, UK Bribery Act, entity management and Code of Conduct in easy to use dashboards
  • Conform to the Bank Secrecy Act requirements providing access to audits
  • Regulatory alerts and updates from multiple regulatory sources, such as the SEC, FINRA, ERC Portal, UCF, StateScape and others from RSS feeds or XML files to stay up to date with the continuous flow of regulations
  • Regulatory alerts automatically received in BWise can be related to impacted policies and analyzed for response by compliance teams
  • Predefined templates for a better understanding of regulations and industry standards, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, COSO, COBIT or ISO (27002, 14000, 9001) and many more
  • Avoid fines for events, with transparency on compliance, regulatory requirements and issues
  • Enact informed risk steering with a view on the balance between performance and risk, ensuring an extended perspective
  • Risk based scoping and gap analysis to relate regulations to internal controls and monitor progress of the control implementation using status tracking, robust reporting and dashboard capabilities
  • Policy creation, maintenance, dissemination and attestation using a strong workflow engine, check-in/check-out features and a smart Policy Management Portal
  • Flexible compliance assessments with powerful control testing and questionnaire capabilities, such as situational compliance assessments, enabling differentiation based on conditions

BWise® Compliance & Policy Management is available in two packages:

  • BWise® Compliance & Policy Management Professional
  • BWise® Compliance & Policy Management Advanced

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