Segregation of Duties and sensitive access

Segregation of Duties (SoD) and sensitive access are two types of important controls. Implementing and preserving them can help reduce processing errors, fraud, non-compliance, misappropriation of assets, and inaccurate financial reporting. Additionally, other business variables like cloud computing, outsourcing, shared service practices, and technology are increasing the likelihood and exacerbating the severity of risk events. This has put incremental pressure on both risk management and audit functions to assure the control environment is robust, efficient, and comprehensive.

BWise Continuous Monitoring capabilities offer an organization to automatically evaluate the efficacy of segregation of duties and sensitive access controls. For example, it can help manage system authorizations by providing direct insight in the number of conflicts, sensitive user access, and trending on the remediation of incorrect authorization assignments for either SAP or the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). The system is prepackaged with best practices for sensitive access and is very easy to use, including interfacing with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. The system also offers advanced reporting capabilities that can be used affirm the organization’s and business’ risk and control environment.

Illustrative Capabilities of BWise Continuous Monitoring:

  • Includes an advanced set of best practice analyses on SoD and Sensitive Access for SAP and Oracle
  • Template and configurable reporting 
  • Risk and control “drill down” capabilities within the system and in configurable dashboards
  • Detailed insight for conflicts (Roles/Profiles/Responsibilities/Functions etc.)
  • No client software required and analysis can be performed remotely 
  • Compatible with Oracle EBS 11 and up or SAP 4.6c and up
  • Part of the BWise® GRC Platform

For more information, request the recorded webinar about the next generation segregation of duties and process monitoring. 

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