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Information security remains at the forefront of organizational concerns. The proliferation of technology, both by customers and the company itself, is exacerbating the likelihood and impact of unwanted risk events. Additionally, external forces, such as cyber and vendor/3rd party relationships, are challenging risk management programs to stay current and codify the range of organizational threats.

The consequences can be significant. For example, breaches at organizations such as Target and Sony, can erode consumer and customer confidence, reputations become tarnished, employees can lose their jobs, regulations (e.g., PII in the US, PDPA in Singapore, NESA in the UAE, and the Privacy Act in Australia) can be violated, financial losses can mount, and shareholder value can depreciate in the hundreds of millions of dollars. 

BWise Information Security SolutionThe result is an increasing interest from senior management, auditors, and regulators to gain confidence that the organization’s assets are adequately protected. Information technology must continue to learn to collaborate and corroborate with the business and support functions to efficiently address topics such as:

  • Asset management and discovery
  • Policy management related to both internal and external obligations and regulations
  • Operational risk management – e.g., processes and external events
  • Business continuity
  • Vendor management
  • Threat and vulnerability management

BWise® Information Security helps an organization operationalize, maintain, and continually improve their Information Security program. It is designed to streamline information security by sitting on top of all of the existing information security platforms, policies, procedures, and applicable regulations.

Key Benefits of the Information Security Software Solution:

  • Rich data feed management to access, retrieve, and transform data from a full spectrum of sources (e.g., from third party sources such as regulatory agencies, Qualys, Nessus, Nexthink, SCCM)
  • Align business and IT objectives – focus on the assets that really matter
  • Ensure compliance through technology use to assess and demonstrate compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Reduce the time to compliance through industry best practices and rapid implementation methods
  • Continuous monitoring, security incident and event monitoring, and analytical capabilities
  • Easy to use, implement, and integrate into the existing IT environment
  • Streamlines the end-to-end Information Security process
  • Know where and when to act through the creation of a risk-based view of IT
  • Provide real-time information on assets, threats, and vulnerabilities
  • Predefined reporting and stress testing
  • Clear identification of issues/weaknesses ensures shorter reaction time for remediation of non-conformities 
  • Lowest cost of ownership in the industry through modern technologies, automated upgrades, ease of use, and easy maintenance capabilities

Download the brochure about the BWise Information Security Software Solution.
BWise for Information Security

BWise Information Security

Download the brochure about the BWise Information Security Best-Practice Solution. 

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