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Process Standardization

Complex organizations with subsidiaries in different countries, or those that have merged and incorporated other companies over years, may find it difficult to set up a single business process that is appropriate for each office. Personnel may not understand the differences between how the departments works from one other. This can lead to inefficiencies and may also result in different conclusions on data across departments. Process standardization can enable an enterprise to become a more transparent and flexible organization, and can be the basis for realizing ‘operational excellence’.

Operational excellence

Operational excellence at an organization means it has its business processes not only standardized, but also optimized to realize the company’s objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible. These business processes can be especially important in regards to the enterprise’s sustainable competitive advantage compared to the competition. To realize this advantage, companies need to standardize their processes and embed them across the entire organization, so that best practices and higher performance are created and replicated.

Values of Process Management

An additional value of process management is that it enables employees and managers to understand the way their personal processes work. Process management reduces the unpredictability that is inherent in business processes. When variability and unpredictability is recognized, better processes and frameworks can be created. Putting preparedness and proactive process management into practice, along with the creation of standardized processes, can raise operational and business efficiencies for the enterprise.


In addition, Process management enables organizations to integrate its risk and compliance efforts into one business process, approaching convergence. BWise has a long history in Business Process Management and provides the BWise Process Management solution as the fundamental core of its Governance, Risk and Compliance Platform.

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