BWise® Internal Audit Software Solution

Globally leading effective and easy to use software for Internal Audit processes 
Support for the End-to-End Internal Audit Process

Many big and midsize audit teams select the BWise Internal Audit software solution because of its rich and complete functionality, user friendliness and powerful reporting capabilities. The BWise Internal Audit software solution supports all steps in the audit cycle by offering rich functionality and enabling audit teams to efficiently perform their audit cycles.

The software solution can be used in a standalone environment or as part of an integrated approach with other Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) functions making use of the same GRC software platform and data model.  

Another Day in the Life of Ann Green, Head of  Internal Audit. Request the Webinar Recording.


  • Annual risk assessments to determine the audit universe, audit coverage, report on progress and risk status throughout the year
  • Planning and Staffing, including audit planning and scheduling, time registration and management sign-off for better budgeting, cost allocation and tracking of progress and status
  • Automatically create multi-year audit plans, based on audit rating, risk rating and cyclical audit frequency
  • Manage annual audit plans at a managerial level
  • Managing audit work papers with strong workflow capabilities enabling online and offline work papers in a secure audit vault
  • Manage configuration requirements at a granular level, providing designated regulators access to audits
  • Reporting on audit results, including findings and management recommendations
  • Findings and recommendations with configurable workflows to review and monitor
  • Optional Audit Analytics assisting in reducing data collection efforts with both standard and ad hoc analysis
BWise Internal Audit can be implemented based on customer requirements or on the BWise best practices: Rapid Deployment Solutions.

Download the brochure about the capabilities of the BWise® Internal Audit software solution.
BWise for Internal Audit

BWise Internal Audit

Download the brochure about the BWise Internal Audit Solution: "A Day in the Life of Ann Green, Head of Internal Audit".

Audit Analytics

Discover how to integrate Data Analysis Technology in the BWise Internal Audit Solution.

Continuous Monitoring

Download the brochure: Bringing two worlds together - How Governance, Risk and Compliance integrated with Continuous Monitoring. 

The Evolving Role of Audit

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