BWise® Internal Audit Software Solution

Internal Audit in control with state-of-the-art Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance Software

Support for the End-to-End Audit Process

The BWise® Internal Audit software solution supports the end-to-end audit process and is part of the BWise integrated Governance, Risk management, and Compliance Platform. The inherent independence of internal audit often mistakenly leads to the creation of silos. Internal audit unnecessarily uses a separate risk language than other departments do. On a technology level, independence is often interpreted as separate. BWise believes internal audit and businesses work best when operating in a single integrated system to efficiently streamline the structure of their responsibilities. The BWise platform supports this methodology through a single integrated system. The ability to operate using one common risk taxonomy and risk language assists businesses to focus and enables internal audit to speak the same language as its counterparts.

Download the brochure about the capabilities of the BWise® Internal Audit software solution.

A Day in the Life of Ann Green, Internal Auditor

Over the last decade Internal Audit has undergone enormous change. Changes have come as a result of new professional standards, technological innovation, and new compliance and regulatory requirements. Navigating these changes presents challenges but also spurs innovation. BWise® Internal Audit offers the internal audit department where Ann Green works comprehensive support of the end-to-end audit process.




The BWise® Internal Audit Software Solution supports Internal Audit teams in:

  • Annual risk assessments to determine the audit universe and audit coverage, and report on progress and risk status throughout the year
  • Planning and Staffing, including audit planning and scheduling, time registration and management sign-off for better budgeting, cost allocation and tracking of progress and status
  • Automatically create multi-year audit plans, based on audit rating, risk rating and cyclical audit frequency
  • Manage annual audit plans at a managerial level, rather than at an individual audit level
  • Easily manage resource planning for multiple international calendars, specialized skills and other required resources
  • Managing audit work papers with strong workflow capabilities enabling online and offline work papers in a secure audit vault
  • Manage configuration requirements at a granular level, providing designated regulators access to audits
  • Enhanced communication with the Audit Committee
  • Audit Analytics assisting in reducing data collection efforts with both standard and ad hoc analysis
  • Reporting on audit results, including findings and management recommendations
  • Findings and Recommendations with configurable workflows to review and monitor on a one time basis

Download the brochure about the capabilities of the BWise® Internal Audit software solution.