BWise Case Management Software Solution

BWise’s proven case management and workflow capabilities delivers a comprehensive solution to help compliance officers identify potentially abusive behaviors, effectively investigate issues, and manage the workflow of the case through to resolution. And with the enhanced ability to track, measure and manage compliance and regulatory risk, surveillance teams are given even greater control and insight into their inter-departmental risks resulting in substantial cost savings across compliance programs.

BWise has been developing solutions based on solid business process management. The Case Management capabilities are no different and have been geared specifically to Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, with a focus on case management as it applies to risk management, audit, regulatory compliance, regulatory alerting or similar scenarios. BWise understands the requirements and the need for specific workflow rules.

The BWise Case Management Software Solution enables:

  • Integrated Content Management
    BWise believes a tightly integrated content management system is a vital component in a good GRC-based case management system.
  • Workflow and Escalations
    BWise Case Management allows a client to define an unlimited number of case types, each with its own linear workflow, which can easily be configured by authorized users.

BWise Case Management is an integrated part of the BWise GRC platform, but may be purchased separately. Since it is part of the integrated system, clients may easily upgrade to more capabilities with the simple addition of a different license key. BWise is available both as an on-premises solution as well as a SaaS solution. For more information about how to implement this critical part of an effective GRC solution, download the brochure about the BWise Case Management Software Solution. 

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