Soft Control Testing

Importance of soft control testing

Most experts agree soft controls are among the most important elements of any business. The original 1992 COSO publication even went so far as to position soft controls as the most fundamental of internal controls. With all this emphasis on soft controls, one would expect that these controls would receive more attention in any GRC implementation, but many organizations still struggle to put soft controls into action. The BWise GRC solution can assist with putting these types of controls into action at an enterprise.

Soft controls are focused on the motivation of employees, management styles in an organization and the tone at the top. Soft controls may differ from organization to organization, but are typically set at a higher corporate level and are associated with the overall governance, mission and morale of the enterprise. In addition, measuring efforts like the ethics and integrity or the philosophy of the enterprise is not a simple task.

One integrated solution

BWise provides a complete integrated GRC solution, made up of components that can assist an enterprise with its soft controls and other GRC initiatives. BWise Process Management can be used to manage the organization’s policies and procedures and verify understanding of policies and ethical standards by employees through advanced training and process-based help. BWise also provides an Open Assessments component that can be used to survey employees on procedures and standards.

Based on best practices, BWise has created a best practice approach for Soft Control Testing. This approach is an integrated part of the BWise GRC platform and provides organizations a method to quickly start testing soft controls, or serve as a starting point or point of reference.

BWise for Internal Control

BWise Internal Control

Download the brochure about the BWise Internal Control Solution: "A Day in the Life of Michael Bauer", Corporate Group Controller


The Internal Control software solution supports both the definition of an internal control framework and control testing to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley.


Watch the video: "A Glimpse into BWise Internal Control".

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