bwise® information security

BWise® Information Security (BWISE® InfoSec) sets new standards for ease of use, implementation and integration 

BWise® Information Security helps organizations to implement, maintain and continually improve their Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). 

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A day in the life of Damian Thomson 
Chief Information Security Officer

BWise Information Security helps Damian Thomson, Chief Information Security Officer, to make sure his company’s assets meet the applicable security requirements for their stakeholders. The solution supports the end-to-end information security process starting with the documentation of the ISMS. 

BWise InfoSec provides Damian with one overview of all the requirements relevant to his organization resulting from information security standards such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, ISF and NIST.

Key Benefits of BWise Information Security:

  • Easy to use, implement and integrate
  • Streamlines the end-to-end InfoSec process
  • Provides a comprehensive overview of policies and requirements
  • Provide real-time information on assets, threats and vulnerabilities
  • Clear identification and ensures shorter reaction time for remediation of non-conformities 



BWise for Information Security

BWise Information Security

Download the brochure about the BWise Information Security Solution Solution: "A Day in the Life of Damian Thomson, Chief Information Security Officer".

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