BWise® IT GRC Software Solution

IT GRC in control with state-of-the-art Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Software

Support for the End-to-End IT GRC Process

BWise® IT GRC builds a bridge between the business and the IT department. It enables organizations to build a risk profile of the IT landscape in relation to the business. By managing the IT requirements of regulations, and embedding them into IT policies, BWise communicates IT policies throughout the organization. Continuous compliance can then be ensured. Threats and vulnerabilities are taken from scanning solutions for timely follow-up.

A day in the life of Damian Thomson, Chief Information Security Officer

BWise® IT GRC offers the IT department managed by Damian Thomson, Chief Information Security the assurance continuous compliance is ensured.

BWise® IT GRC supports the IT department in:

  • Bridging the gap between Business and IT
  • Communicating corporate IT policies throughout the organization
  • Ability to manage large amounts of IT security and IT non-compliance alerts, and make these actionable by taking a risk-based view and ensuring the follow-up workflows and reporting
  • Clear managerial views on status of IT security and IT non-compliance status
  • Stepping-stone for rapid deployment of alternative IT vulnerability and policy managements systems (e.g. Nvision)
  • Ability to manage IT incidents, and ensure management reporting, risk management, audit integration and follow-up

BWise® IT GRC is available in two packages:

  • BWise® IT GRC Professional
  • BWise® IT GRC Advanced

For more information about the capabilities of  the BWise® IT GRC software solution request the recorded webinar