Risk Management in control with state-of-the-art Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Software
Support for the End-to-End Risk Management Process

The BWise Risk Management Software Solution covers all aspects of the Risk Management process, ranging from initial risk identification, risk assessment, KRI management, Loss and Incident management and action management to powerful Risk Reporting. The software solution supports the end-to-end Risk Management process and is part of the BWise integrated Governance, Risk management, and Compliance Platform.

A Day in the Life of Gerard Parker, Chief Risk Officer

As Risk Management programs grow in number and complexity, risk managers continuously search for new ways to manage their work more effectively and efficiently. The BWise® Risk Management software solution enables the risk department, led by Gerard Parker, to run its end-to-end risk management processes in order to track, measure and manage all risks within the organization.

Benefits of the
BWise Risk Management Software Solution

  • Identifying new risks, manage risk registers, setting up (existing) mitigating measures and action plans
  • Documenting risks, sub-risks, risk triggers and risk causes
  • Assessing risks against various risk dimensions using configurable impact and likelihood scales and powerful workflows to ensure correct data gathering and management sign-off and manage action plans
  • Quantitative analysis and scenario analysis as a result of advanced calculation capabilities
  • Action tracking of all risk issues for timely follow-up and prevention of large risk events and potential losses
  • Aggregating risks using risk consolidation techniques for high-level overview of corporate risks and access to underlying risks, action plans and process owners in drill down dashboards
  • Reporting using configurable reports and dashboards with drill down heat maps, risk trends, top risks with risk overviews and all relevant details
  • Consolidate and report on risks and risk action plans
BWise Risk Management can be implemented for various use cases such as: ERM, ORM, Vendor Risk Management and IT Risk Management. Projects can be based on customer requirements or on the BWise best practices “Rapid Deployment Solutions.”

Download the brochure for more information about the capabilities of the BWise® Risk Management Software Solution.  

BWise for Risk Management

BWise Risk Management

Download the brochure about the BWise Risk Management Solution: "A Day in the Life of Gerard Parker", Chief Risk Officer.

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