BWise® Sustainability Performance Management Software

Sustainability Performance Management in control with state-of-the-art Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Software

To correctly and efficiently report on sustainability, BWise® Sustainability Performance Management enables organizations to capture data from all sites and locations using various relevant indicators, including carbon footprint. Based on the global reporting initiative, BWise templates help to streamline the initial indicator and policy documentation effort. Reports are generated at all management levels to show indicators as well as comparisons and benchmarks. Follow-up on any discrepancies, anomalies and issues is ensured with strong built-in workflows.

Benefits of the BWise Sustainability Performance Management software solution:

  • Collecting, analyzing, reporting and managing sustainability issues
  • Incorporating sustainability into daily operations
  • Improve corporate performance by using comparable and reliable sustainability data
  • Create one corporate register with site-specific details
  • Perform risk assessments at any level
  • Flexible reporting/record-keeping
  • Complete record of audit trails
  • Reporting on business consequences of sustainability issues
  • Plan follow-up actions and improvement based on findings
  • Communicate all policies company wide
  • Calculate and report on carbon footprint

For more information download the whitepaper about the BWise® Sustainability Performance Management software solution.

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