Corporate Social Responsibility

Climate change, community health, education, development and business sustainability are some of the most pressing issues of our time. As a result, corporations are under more and more societal pressure. Organizations need to prove that they are good corporate citizens. Not only regarding its financial performance, but also what Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs are in place. With these CSR programs, enterprises can prove to the public that the enterprise does what it can to preserve the world’s natural resources, invest in communities and protect the environment and health of the community. Reporting on these initiatives presents a complex challenge for many organizations, especially regarding legal, regulatory and political requirements. A structured and integrated framework is essential for corporations to gather all the information necessary for its CSR reporting.

Integrated framework

Corporate Sustainable Reporting is a burgeoning initiative for many organizations. Many companies use the Global Reporting Initiative as guidance for its annual corporate social responsibility report, to publicly communicate its economic, environmental, and social performance.


The BWise Governace, Risk and Compliance (GRC) platform enables a company to create a framework for their social responsibility efforts. That framework can set down standards and rules for the enterprise based on its corporate values. The solution also eases the collection of information for CSR reporting. With BWise Open Assessments, companies can manage and assess its own policies and procedures, gathering data on its staff’s understanding of the company’s core CSR values, in a very structured manner. For Example, assessments can be sent out from a central source and survey the entire enterprise or separate individual departments, on adherence to pollution or safety guidelines. The answers can then be automatically presented in the framework, and used for the different reporting purposes.  

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