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Anton Lissone - Chief Technology Officer, BWise

Anton Lissone is responsible for managing the development of all BWise products, including the integrated GRC Platform and the supporting solutions. He is also a thought leader in the area of GRC convergence and integrating different Governance, Risk and Compliance activities in one software platform. He has an extensive background in GRC implementations, IT-Auditing and Software Engineering. Previous responsibilities included Solution Development, Data Analytics and design and prototyping of new BWise solutions. His previous career was with one of the Big Four companies as a Senior IT Advisor, where he had a leading role in their Continuous Monitoring efforts and consulted senior management of multiple multinationals in the area of ERP-Control and Assurance. Anton graduated from the Tilburg University with a degree in Information Management. He obtained a post-doctoral on IT Auditing at NIMBAS, Bradford and Graduate School of Management.

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