Managing a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) system differs a lot per industry. For example, regulatory expectations, customer preferences, competitive forces, and technological adoption and change all differ. The reliance on supply chains requires different attention, including management of 3rd party risks. Requirements for risk and audit teams differ, including an anti-fraud & bribery focus, as well as the need for a risk-based approach.

Regardless of the industry, BWise can support an organization’s ability to meet its objectives by storing, tracking, measuring, and managing the company’s risk framework in a single system. By doing so, BWise helps customers be truly in control by providing a sustainable solution that balances performance and conformance. BWise also enables its customers to:

  • Gain financial, business, and strategic insights, 
  • Enhance decision making,
  • Demonstrate compliance with laws and regulations, 
  • Increase accountability, 
  • Increase operational efficiencies, and 
  • Maximize performance.

Through our global, deep industry experience, we have developed world-class Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions that support and align with industry risk management drivers such as regulatory compliance, audit, capital calculation, vendor/3rd party management, information security, and governance. Our highly configurable solutions are an ideal fit for any industry sector that’s looking to enhance its GRC capabilities.  

To find out more about how BWise’s solutions can address your industry’s challenges, visit the pages below: 

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