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Introducing the BWise Information Security Best-Practice Solution

Nasdaq’s Pre-Configured Solution combining the leading BWise GRC Software Platform and Nasdaq BWise GRC Expertise to Streamline Information Security Processes.

The reach and potential impact of information security breaches is bigger than ever. How can technology help protect your organization against cyber-risk and ensure compliance to the ever more stringent regulatory requirements? 

Downloaded the recorded webinar to find out how the BWise Information Security Best-Practice Solution can:

  • Help you assess business impact of potential breaches and make sure your programs are designed to protect the most critical assets of your organization;
  • Allow for significantly shorter reaction times when breaches do occur by bringing critical issues to light quicker and automating remediation measures;
  • Facilitate sophisticated and real-time reporting to regulators and senior management effortlessly.

Watch the webinar recording: BWise Information Security Best-Practice Solution

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