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Latest Trends in 3rd Party Management, an interview with GRC 20/20's Michael Rasmussen and Nasdaq BWise's, Luc Brandts

Are you responsible for your company’s 3rd party management program? Have you been keeping up to date with the regulations and how they will affect your company’s policies and procedures?

Nasdaq’s BWise hosted a webinar titled, “Latest Trends in 3rd Party Management with Michael Rasmussen.” Luc Brandts, Founder & CTO of Nasdaq’s BWise interviewed Michael, GRC 20/20’s Pundit, to get his insight on this topic and discussed what Governance, Risk, Audit and Compliance departments are doing to manage this critical business issue. The interview covered the following topics:

  • How 3rd parties are defined and managed within organizations
  • The greatest risk and compliance concerns companies are currently facing
  • Components of an effective 3rd party management program based on lessons learned
  • Learn tips and tricks on how to get to a manageable size of critical vendors
  • How technology enables an effective 3rd party management program 

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