April 18, 2006


BWise Launches Sarbanes Oxley EZ Control Template

New Solution Enables Easy Convergence of Compliance and Business Benefits

New York, NY, April 18, 2006 – BWise, a leading provider of compliance and enterprise risk management software, today announced “EZ Control”, a templated version of its ”In Control” solution. The new offering enables companies to achieve compliance, while streamlining related business process management, with less incremental costs and faster results.

EZ Control is designed for small and medium-size (SMB) businesses going through their first compliance cycle. It also can help larger companies who want to lower their compliance costs through both better tools and benchmarking. The templated approach provides a combination of technical and managerial features with built-in controls that reduce duplicate efforts and related expense. EZ Control was designed in conjunction with BWise by process, risk and compliance consultant Malcolm Schwartz, one of the four principal contributors to The COSO Report, Internal Control--Integrated Framework, a widely accepted basis for developing business controls and assessing their effectiveness, and a member of the current COSO task force developing simplified guidelines for smaller companies.

The easy-to-implement solution uses a risk assessment model that enables users to document only priority areas, helping businesses to stay focused. At the same time, it integrates documentation to eliminate isolated checklists and spreadsheets. EZ Control also strengthens business processes by enabling users to record operational activities, to forecast specific “what if” scenarios, to document key procedures and controls, and to provide a single source for such key and related information as human resource policies and training materials. Users can quickly achieve organized compliance results while better managing performance to improve overall business operations.

“BWise has grown its business by helping our customers stay ahead of the curve when it comes to compliance, with an approach that simultaneously produces measurable and documented business benefits,” said Robert Pijselman, Chief Executive Officer of BWise. “With EZ Control, we can help businesses more easily and quickly achieve this objective, while still providing the same level of assurance and reliability.”

“EZ Control from BWise provides businesses with a key competitive advantage in their compliance efforts through a cost-effective templated approach,” according to Malcolm Schwartz. “Now, SMB businesses as well as larger firms have the opportunity easily to reduce risk, while realizing business process improvements without unnecessary costs.”

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About BWise

BWise is a global leader in compliance and enterprise risk management software, with a strong heritage in business process management. Established in 1994, BWise delivers proven solutions to help organizations become “in control” by increasing corporate accountability; strengthening financial, strategic and operational efficiencies; and maximizing performance and ROI. With more than 1,200 customers in more then 80 countries worldwide and 125,000 users in virtually all markets, BWise has developed a strong and sustainable presence in the compliance and risk management sectors. For more information, visit http://www.bwise.com.

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