November 3, 2009

BWise Press Release

BWise Disclosed Enlightening GRC Survey Results
from Enterprise GRC Customers

75% of BWise US customers simplified testing, remediation, and reporting with the introduction of BWise

New York, NY, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, November 3, 2009 – BWise, the global leader in governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management software, revealed the results of a thorough survey of its American GRC solution customers at its fifth successful US Customer Summit in New York on Thursday, October 22, 2009. The survey was conducted in the weeks prior to the Summit and was compiled from the knowledge and opinions of many US BWise customers such as, Fortune 500 enterprises in the oil, gas and pipelines industries, financial services institutions and those in the manufacturing sector. The survey results were presented at the summit before more new customers than ever before, an example of the continuing growth and success of the GRC vendor in the US market.

The customer survey revealed some instructive information about the continuing GRC initiatives among many different industries. For example, the survey found that among BWise customers more than 80% use internal control test results for their external auditing purposes, leading to significant cost and labor savings for the GRC vendor’s customers. It was also revealed that 25% of the companies surveyed already use an enterprise wide framework for risk management and compliance, further emphasizing enterprises efforts to reduce costs and become more efficient. Lastly, the survey discovered that a large percentage of enterprises, over 75%, acknowledged the benefits of using BWise as a GRC solution or is still in the solution implementation stage.

BWise executives, Robert Pijselman, CEO, and Luc Brandts, CTO and Founder, disclosed the results before an audience that included BWise customers from the United States and Canada and industries as diverse as financial services, the entertainment and media sector to utilities and power generation. Presentations on the new risk related version of BWise, version 4.1, and the company’s new Continuous Control Monitoring component were previewed at the Summit, along with the survey results and presentations from several of the company’s customers. At the end of the day, BWise presented its annual Innovation Award to Marathon Oil Corporation for its great strides in its GRC initiatives, in particular for combining its financial reporting compliance with IT Governance, Audit and various compliance initiatives including PCI, global procurement and GLBA resulting in a more converged organization.

Robert Pijselman, CEO of BWise, said, “We are very grateful to all of our customers who attended the fifth BWise Customer Summit in the United States and have contributed to BWise’s great success in the US. BWise has not only received positive feed back on the new capabilities and innovations we are offering customers, but we have also seen 30% overall revenue growth in the US market. The survey we presented substantiated this success and proves that BWise is moving in the right direction with our continuing efforts in the areas of Risk Management, Convergence and Process Management and that our customers can truly drive efficiencies and improves the quality of their GRC activities.”


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