March 22, 2012

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BWise Leads Industry Trend:
Improve Business Results by Increasing Collaboration among Risk Management, Compliance and Audit Teams

New York, NY and 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands March 22, 2012 – BWise, the global leader in Governance, Risk and Compliance management (GRC) software, continues to see a trend towards improved collaboration within enterprises’ between Risk, Compliance and Audit departments, resulting in better transparency, lower risk profiles and more importantly better management decisions and improved business results. As a leading practitioner in the field, BWise is helping to drive this trend through a series of interactions at client sites and presentations at recent industry symposiums.

Expand collaboration to improve business results
In recent weeks, BWise has led discussions at the MIS Training Institute’s Audit Directors’ & Managers’ Symposium in Naples, Florida, the Institute of Internal Auditors General Audit Management conference in Orlando, Florida and at the OpRisk North America conference in New York. The President of BWise - North America, said, “In many of the conversations we attended recently, the recurring theme we heard was fostering collaboration between the Business Units, Risk Management and Audit, as well as between the different risk disciplines in order to realize company objectives and improve business results.”

Process-based approach to managing risks
During the OpRisk panel discussion, with fellow risk practitioners from CITI, UBS, Credit Suisse, JPMorgan Chase, The President, BWise - North America, commented, “I recently asked one of our clients in the process of an ERM implementation what has changed in the past months. The client, a world-recognized financial services firm, stated the UK Bribery Act was monopolizing the executive team’s mindshare. BWise is uniquely qualified to respond to these situations through a business process based framework inherent in the solution.”

Join us on the GRC Journey
BWise, founded 18 years ago with the mission of enabling a process-based approach to managing key organizational risks, leads companies on a results-driven, GRC journey by bridging requirements and facilitating business conversations amongst audit, risk management, compliance and policy leaders. Join us on this journey in our upcoming webinar, featuring Chis McClean, Senior Analyst at independent analyst firm, Forrester Research.  



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