February 8, 2013

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Thai Financial Enterprises identify benefits of BWise approach to GRC at round table in Bangkok

New York, NY, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, Bangkok, Thailand, February 11, 2013 – BWise, a NASDAQ OMX company and global leader in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) software, announced it hosted a successful Round Table on the ROI of Integrated GRC in partnership with Yip In Tsoi and Global Risk Advisory Services in Bangkok. At the Round Table twenty-five senior executives from industry-leading Thai financial enterprises were present to learn how BWise enables enterprises to track, measure and manage key organizational risks with its integrated approach to GRC.

Mr. Marc Leipoldt, CEO of Global Risk Advisory Services was one of the presenters at the Round Table meeting. In his presentation, Mr. Leipoldt explained a four-step plan to strengthen the ORM capability of banks and what steps the risk management function can take to become more relevant to senior management and a strategy for financial institutions going forward in 2013. The four steps included; increasing ambition level, second, implementing a GRC system, third, get other control functions to join the initiative and fourth, use GRC to show how risk management benefits the business.

To explain how to make this plan actionable, Mr. Rob van Straten, Global Head of Sales at BWise, and Mr. Sebe Gerritsen, Regional Director Asia at BWise, presented how BWise is designed to enable banks to increase transparency, maximize the control they have over their business, reduce the burden of compliance and how this leads to a significant ROI. Mr. van Straten, said, “BWise’s GRC Journey vision is in line with the four steps laid out by Marc Leipoldt. Our software supports a think big, start small approach. Companies can easily enroll a GRC strategy, adding new GRC initiatives, functionalities or new control functions over time. The next level of sophistication and cost reduction is to integrate BWise data analytics capabilities to automate control monitoring and audit analytics on big data from, for example, ERP systems.”

Recently, BWise announced the opening of its new office in Thailand, confirming its commitment to the Thai market and to serve its regional customers, such as Kiatnakin Bank, together with its local partner, Yip In Tsoi.

(l to r) Mr. Rob van Staten and Mr. Sebe Gerritsen of BWise receive a congratulatory flower basket from Mr. Khun Danai Wangsiri, Vice President of FSI and Mr. Joseph Fincher, Head Solution Management Organization at YIT as celebration of the opening of the BWise Thai office.

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