September 26, 2013

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BWise Releases New Updates to Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) Platform

Now Generally Available, New BWise Version Further Empowers GRC Teams

New York, and Den Bosch, the Netherlands, October 2, 2013 – BWise, a NASDAQ OMX company and a global leader in enterprise Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (eGRC) software, today announced its newest release is now generally available. The latest developments energize the functionalities supporting Internal Audit, Risk Management and Information Technology teams with new streamlined capabilities. To present these energizing functionalities BWise is hosting a series of role based webinars.

Specifically, the recent platform enhancements significantly enhance analytical capabilities for risk management. BWise Risk Management can now provide innovative, client-specific quantitative risk models using Monte Carlo techniques based on data both inside and outside BWise. The enhancements support advanced risk experts with rapid risk model development capabilities and fast simulations for critical analysis.

“In these days of big data and IT security concerns we are particularly proud of our IT GRC enhancements in our latest release that is now ready for broad use by our customers,” said Luc Brandts, BWise CTO and Founder. “BWise provides for integration with Qualys Vulnerability Management and Policy Management, which enables organizations to manage large numbers of IT security and IT non-compliance alerts. It now is possible to act on them via a risk-based view and monitor follow ups. BWise also integrates ServiceNow IT Management functionality, which ensures IT incident reporting to management, risk management, audit integration and follow up.”

Highlights of the release enhancements for Internal Audit teams include easier audit planning and resource planning, as well as streamlined user interfaces. Now Internal Audit managers will have the ability to automatically create multi-year audit plans based on audit rating, risk ratings and cyclical audit frequencies. Also, improved workflows on sign-off procedures, layered document storage security and improved audit committee communication features all make it easier to control the audit cycle requirements at a higher managerial level. In particular, to support highly-specific configuration requirements called for in the Bank Secrecy Act, BWise Internal Audit can allow specific access to designated audit information.

“Our long-term investment in a role-based structure enables us to continue to improve functionality for each team contributing to the integrated company view. We begin our development efforts with the manager’s and the end user’s typical day top-of-mind and work through ideas that will make their strategic projects and daily tasks more manageable,” said Brands. “We walk their walks,” Brandts continued, “In particular, our extensive focus on Internal Audit - supported by feedback from professionals around the world and based on accounting best practices - makes our developments for auditors and audit planning particularly innovative.”

BWise was recently acquired by NASDAQ OMX and is an integrated part of a suite of intelligence, communications, and governance software solutions that help public and private companies minimize risk, maximize efficiency and increase transparency.

For more information about the new generally available BWise GRC Platform updates, registration is open for GRC team specific webinars. To register for the webinars or to learn more information about BWise, contact us at


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