December 15, 2014

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A GRC Journey

By Robert Pijselman

When I joined BWise back in 2004, it was a purely Dutch company with 35 employees and no international customers. For me, it has been a wonderful experience to help the company grow and become a leader in the Governance, Risk and Compliance space with many large fortune 500 companies using our software in over 80 countries. Since the independent analysts started to release their first research on GRC Platforms, BWise has consistently been recognized as a leader in the industry.

I am very proud of the team of more than 200 professionals based in the Far East, Australia, Europe and North America that have made this all possible. Together we have been able to grow our revenue by double digit numbers, year after year. Especially 2014, has been a very good year for us. I am very proud to have been part of this team for almost twelve years.

With the integration with Nasdaq successfully completed, my GRC Journey is complete and I feel comfortable to hand over the helm to Nasdaq management and leave the organization to pursue the next chapter in my journey, effective January 1. 2015.

After January 1, I will refocus my interest and become an entrepreneurial board member for technology companies. I have grown small companies; managed and restructured a larger publicly listed company and was involved in several mergers and acquisitions. I now look forward to sharing that knowledge with young entrepreneurs.

Also for BWise, a new journey started when Nasdaq acquired BWise in 2012. Today we are positioned as the cornerstone of Nasdaq’s GRC offering. Together with Nasdaq management we have carefully built a sustainable team of senior managers to oversee and develop BWise further as part of the Nasdaq brand. You’ll be hearing very soon from BWise’s new leader, Peter de Verdier, a long-time Nasdaq executive who has closely been involved in the company’s GRC offerings and evolution. BWise is in very good hands with Peter.

I have appreciated the phased approach to the integration Nasdaq implemented with BWise. This allowed us to stay focused, to prosper and grow. I am confident Nasdaq’s BWise will continue to invest in this market and thrive and provide superior GRC solutions to support our customers in their GRC journey. 


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