July 27, 2015

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Nasdaq’s BWise Releases New Version of its Enterprise Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Platform 

New York, July 27, 2015 – Nasdaq’s BWise (Nasdaq: NDAQ), a global leader in enterprise Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (eGRC), announced today the latest release of its BWise® GRC Platform which offers major usability enhancements enabling users to better streamline their end-to-end GRC processes, reduce keystrokes and increase productivity. 

“The focus of this release is on the use of portlet technology to create highly flexible role-based interfaces providing users with the information and the functionalities required to perform all their tasks on one screen,” said Peter de Verdier, Vice President and Head of BWise, Nasdaq. “With this technology, BWise can combine GRC information coming from different sections of the application in a very flexible manner to create pages that are highly tailored to the specific needs of each role.”
In one example, the platform user has all the required information at his or her fingertips and can take action directly from the dashboard which considerably improves time savings. The new Form Service Technology (FST) allows for a very advanced pre-definition of default values for attributes which makes it possible to trigger actions such as ‘create an issue’ or ‘start a risk assessment’ in one click.

This release includes further enhancements such as:

  • Email integration: the existing SMTP integration for sending alerts from BWise is now extended with the capability to automatically attach emails and their attachments to a BWise object (e.g. as evidence to an issue);
  • Integration with other applications: RESTful API enhancements enable integration of the BWise GRC Platform with any third party application such as audit planning, incident management or trade surveillance;
  • Tools allowing the import of information but also automatic updating data and progress in workflow steps in the GRC platform;
  • Audit planning and scoping: priority level of auditable entities can be automatically calculated through use of fully configurable formulas, e.g. based on risk assessment results;
  • Process Management: usability improvements combined with the portlet technology allow for easier and more flexible maintenance of process diagrams and approval workflows.The latest release of the BWise GRC platform is presented in a webinar entitled “GRC Integration in Action.” The recording of the webinar can be viewed on the BWise website.

The latest release of the BWise GRC platform is presented in a webinar entitled “GRC Integration in Action.” For more information, visit business.nasdaq.com/tech. 



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