October 21, 2015

Nasdaq BWise Releases New Information Security Solution

BWise® InfoSec sets new standards for ease of implementation, integration and use

New York, October 21, 2015 – Nasdaq BWise (Nasdaq: NDAQ), a global leader in enterprise Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (eGRC), today announced the release of its new solution: BWise® Information Security (InfoSec), at its Global BWise Customer Summit in New York. 

BWise® InfoSec will help enterprises ensure they meet all relevant information security regulations, industry standards and contractual obligations. This will enable them to manage the constant stream of changes in their IT environment more easily. 

The solution, based on the analyst-recognized BWise® GRC platform, helps enterprises protect themselves from IT risks, reducing the burden of IT compliance and streamlining the reporting process.

“BWise is the cornerstone of our GRC portfolio,” stated Adena Friedman, President of Nasdaq, during the BWise Customer Summit. “By integrating information security within the BWise GRC Platform we can take a risk-based approach to providing Chief Information Security Officers with a holistic view of IT risks, including cyber risk. This new solution is among the first results from our increased investment in R&D in 2015. We believe with BWise InfoSec we can disrupt the world of information security technology."

Luc Brandts, CTO of Nasdaq BWise, added, “We conducted extensive user review sessions and involved analyst experts throughout the development process. As a result, we know the solution will set new standards for ease of implementation, integration and use.”

BWise InfoSec helps users implement treatment plans for remediation and ensure appropriate follow up of non-conformities. Its strong reporting capabilities allow users to generate a Statement of Applicability, as defined by ISO 27001, and a security assessment report – directly from the application with a single click. 

The solution can integrate with vulnerability scanners, security incident and event monitoring tools, baseline analyzers, and IT incident ticketing tools. It offers real-time insights into the threats and vulnerabilities that may affect an organization’s information security management system.

The Global BWise Customer Summit is an exclusive forum for the international BWise GRC community to discuss the latest GRC trends and developments.

For more information, visit the BWise Information Security web page.  




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