Partner Information

World Class Partner Program

Nasdaq BWise has customers in more than 80 countries and all industries around the world. To ensure high-quality implementations in every geography, we offer a World Class Partner Program: BWise Certified GRC consultants of Nasdaq BWise partners are trained to implement BWise projects for both new and existing BWise clients. 

Types of Partners

  • Knowledge Partners: Leading GRC consultancy firms certified to implement the BWise software;
  • Data Analytics Partners: Leading Data Analytics specialists certified to implement BWise Data Analytics for Audit Analytics, Continuous Control Monitoring and Information Security.

Benefits of working together with partners for GRC implementations

  • Partners have thorough knowledge of the customer’s industry, geography and their specific GRC landscape and can offer additional best practices on top of those embedded in the BWise GRC software 
  • Partners can help prepare projects prior to software implementations by designing or refining GRC processes and create risk and control frameworks which are ready to implement, including change management
  • Partners are available for post implementation optimization services and implementing additional solutions to the BWise software (with specific knowledge and understanding of the customer and the implemented solutions)
  • Partners are able to help define and implement a customers’ GRC Journey over time. This helps customers leverage the benefits of an integrated GRC by adding multiple GRC Solutions to the BWise software and optimizing the Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) 
  • Partners can offer local resources with the understanding of the regional GRC developments and specific local regulations 

Being a certified Nasdaq BWise partner means there is a Mutual Services Contract in place between the partner and Nasdaq BWise, which creates a legal framework and enables technical and functional support as well as effective knowledge transfer through the Nasdaq BWise Virtual Knowledge Center and the Customer Support desk.  

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