Partner Information

Certification Program

We are profoundly passionate about our BWise software and the great projects we have implemented in the past 10 years. Delivering the best available GRC solution is what inspires us as we want our customers to get as much value as possible out of their GRC programs, supported by our technology. To ensure we, and our partners, promise to keep this commitment in the future. We offer an extensive training program with an apprenticeship for all new consultants in the field. We guarantee that our consultants and certified partners consultants are knowledgeable and experienced when working with the BWise software for our mutual clients.


The following program is offered to the consultants to become trained and experienced with the BWise software:

  • Foundation Track: The consultant learns to design and configure the BWise software.
  • Practitioner Track: The consultant acquires practical knowledge in designing and configuring the BWise software during an apprenticeship on BWise implementation project(s) with an average duration of 8 weeks.
  • Annual re-certification: To maintain the status of BWise Certified Consultant, the consultant is required to re-certify on an annual basis.  
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