IT Governance Best Practice Based on COBIT™ 4.1

COBIT™ (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) has achieved international recognition and is widely regarded as an established governance framework for the management of IT risk and control. It provides a framework focused on the business requirements that drive investments in information technology resources. As IT grows in importance in an organization, it presents risks for a company like any other part of an organization and it must be controlled.

Reduce compliance costs

BWise has developed a best practice approach to IT Governance, based on COBIT™ 4.1 that assists organizations to reduce compliance costs by automating key IT compliance processes, including policy management, business risk management, operational control, monitoring, and continuous improvements and reporting. This solution will result in substantial cost savings and improved return on IT investments.

Faster and better decisions    

The BWise template includes the COBIT™ 4.1 framework and contains 34 processes in four domains with 210 control objectives, including their risks and controls. Customers can select the elements that are relevant to their business from a library and link them to their overall GRC-efforts. This will provide managers, IT users, and auditors with several benefits such as in-depth reports, upon which IT related decisions and investments can be based in a more effective manner.

Integrated approach        

Business processes are the foundation of bridging the gap between the various siloed approaches within an enterprise. Convergence of controls will significantly lower compliance costs, improve transparency and governance. With this new IT Governance template, organizations will be able to implement IT Governance in their organization, and also realize a better alignment of the IT organization with the business. BWise is an integrated platform for all Governance, Risk and Compliance management related projects, including capabilities for Internal Audit. This will help companies to leverage existing documentation, and streamline communication with business and IT managers. With the BWise GRC platform a true alignment between Business, IT management and Internal Audit can be realized.

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