BWise software for Compliance with NERC Regulations

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is a non-government organization which in 2007 was granted the status of the Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) by FERC and more recently by two Canadian provinces. ERO status enables NERC to prescribe compliance standards, adjudicate compliance, and levy monetary penalties. Energy, Utility and Pipeline enterprises must comply with the regulations and standards set down by NERC.

NERC requires particular Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) reporting, such as:

  •  Sabotage Reporting
  • Critical Cyber Asset Identification
  • Security Management Controls
  • Electronic Security Parameters

Incident Reporting

BWise not only enables compliance with NERC regulations, but BWise also has experience working in the Energy, Utilities and Pipeline industries. The BWise GRC platform serves several enterprises in this sector and enables energy-related enterprises to comply with NERC, to continually monitor that compliance, and ultimately report on its compliance internally and externally. Reporting, in particular, is an important aspect of NERC guidance, especially in the case of its required incident reporting.

Easily track compliance issues and omissions

The Compliance Management component of the BWise® GRC platform enables a corporation to map its compliance, easily track compliance issues and omissions, perform a risk analysis on particular compliance initiatives, and finally, create an overview of compliance with full reporting and dashboards. Internal auditors and risk managers can use the BWise solution to find and focus on key non-compliance issues, ultimately diving deep down to the source of non-compliance and tracking the issue in the future. Both financial and organizational incidents can be found and tracked in the solution; for example vandalism reporting for NERC compliance. 

For more information about how BWise can help to comply with NERC regulations, please contact us.

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